Geocaching Glossary

Geocaching has many terms which if you are not a geocacher you will not be familiar with them.  Here is a list of words that I use, which I will continue to update:

GPS – Global Positioning System – this device enables the user to connect with satellites to find the geocache.

Co-ordinates – the position of the cache

CO – Cache Owner

Geocaches or Caches – what we use our GPS’s to find.

GZ – Ground Zero, this is where there cache can be found

Earthcache – An EarthCache is a special geological location people can visit to learn about a unique feature of the Earth. EarthCache pages include a set of educational notes along with coordinates. Visitors to EarthCaches can see how our planet has been shaped by geological processes, how we manage its resources and how scientists gather evidence. Typically, to log an EarthCache, you will have to provide answers to questions by observing the geological location. For more information about EarthCaches visit (copied from


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