Caching in Bath

I have just found this post in my drafts, although written in May I am posting it anyway.

The weather in May this year was very good, lots of dry days with sunshine so lots of caching.

May 2nd was Blue Switch Day – the day US satellites were made available to everyone so there was a souvenir to gain.

I decided to go Bath as I had 699 caches and wanted to get Church Micro 7500 – Bath Abbey for my 700th as mentioned in my previous post.

As I had worked out the co-ordinates from my previous visit I looked to see exactly where the cache was so parked in a nearby car park, we walked to GZ using my GPS which took me to the middle of a space behind a warehouse.  It was difficult to look as there was a man near the entrance loading his van and he kept looking at me, I sat on the wall and when he wasn’t looking I felt around a guard rail where I thought the cache would be. After 10 minutes or so I decided to give up as I felt I had been there too long and the man was aware I was there. The hint said there were two at GZ and it was the one on the right, where I was there wasn’t really anything to correspond to that clue so decided to walk along the road in the opposite way we had come to go back to the car park and look around on the way,  I then noticed two large objects behind a wall, I looked behind the right one and there was the cache. I signed the log book and we were on our way, so my co-ords were a little out.

IMG_6010 copy

The next cache I decided to find was near a petrol station called Fuel Cache and Dash, I drove there due to it being very busy on the road which I would have to cross, I had to go all around the one-way system to get there!

Luckily there were parking spaces in the shade so I left Katie geohound in the car and found the cache amongst the trees.


I had some caches in Oldfield Park, a very hilly area as much of Bath is, planned not far from where I was, the first was the side-tracked cache at Oldfield Park station but there was no-where near to park due to residents parking.   I then drove to St Barts church and had problems finding anywhere to park but just managed it.  We got to the church and there was someone cutting the grass close to GZ so I walked down the hill as there were quite a few munzees (yes I collect munzees when I can)  in the area we got 3 munzees and walked back up the hill, stopped to chat to another greyhound owner and by then the man mowing had moved to the other side of the church.  The cache was soon found and the log was signed.

St Barts. Oldfield Park

The next cache was next to a school and as it was 3 pm the school was turning out so I drove past.  I then found a brilliant cache called Oldfield Park Helipad, I cannot say much about it without giving it away but it’s the type of cache I would never have found a few years ago.

Hopefully I can return to find some other caches in Bath.


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