I have not blogged for ages and was thinking it’s about time I wrote a blog post so that my readers do not think I have disappeared while out geocaching, then Washnight ( popped up in my reader with a list of stock reasons why he/people stop blogging  – so just read the list and pick one, there is not one particular reason although I have taken on two volunteer jobs, mostly computer work, but it has been keeping me busy.

My geohound and I are still geocaching regularly, I choose places to go where we can enjoy a walk and get a cache or caches along the way.


When I wrote my last post I had just reached 500 caches, I am now at 699.  For my 600th cache which was just before Christmas, Katie and I set off for Glastonbury on a very foggy day and found the cache at Glastonbury Abbey, I worked in Glastonbury for many years and used to go the the Abbey grounds during my lunch hour to de-stress from my job and get some fresh air and exercise.


Photograph from 2006 on one of my lunchtime walks

For my 700th cache I am going to Bath to find Bath Abbey which is a multi cache, I went to Bath last week to visit a friend and have crunched the numbers, so will go and (hopefully) find the cache next time I am in Bath as GZ is actually quite a distance from the Abbey and I had run out of time (and energy).

The following photos are from some of our caching walks we have enjoyed this year:

I will be back soon, enjoy your caching adventures!


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