500 caches

This summer I reached 500 caches!  To me this is a great achievement. I know that  some people are able to reach 500 in a short time but for me it has been quite a journey.

I started geocaching in 2010 and by 2013 I had reached the grand total of 34 caches, I have a big gap of almost a year in 2012 – 13 due to a back problem when I did no caching at all.

You can read about my first ever geocache here – it was quite exciting!

In 2014 I found a total of 33 caches so I was improving!  In reality it was time that prevented me as I was working full time so only had the weekends to cache, often it rained and when working full time weekends are catching up with what needs to be done.

In 2014 I retired so I was able to go out caching whenever I wanted, then in 2015 my sister started caching so we went out together and by the end of 2015 I had found 224 caches.  2016 has been my best year caching and I hope to continue.

I still have the problems with my back, plus fibromyalgia so I do have a major problems walking any distance, I can manage 2 miles on good days.  So most of my caching is short trips, unfortunately my sister likes to get as many as possible and walk long distances when we go out so I have gone back to mainly caching alone with Katie geohound.

So my 500th cache had to be a special one and I chose to go to Bath to find the cache at Sham Castle, I am making my milestone caches follies or some sort of architecture.

Information from wikipedia:

Sham Castle is a folly in Bathampton overlooking the city of BathSomerset, England. It is a Grade II* listed building.[1][2] It is a screen wall with a central pointed arch flanked by two 3-storey circular turrets, which extend sideways to a 2-storey square tower at each end of the wall.[1]

It was probably designed around 1755 by Sanderson Miller and built in 1762 by Richard James, master mason for Ralph Allen, “to improve the prospect” from Allen’s town house in Bath.[3]

Front and back of Sham Castle


My son and Katie at Sham Castle


Views of Bath

After exploring the folly and looking at the views over Bath, my son and I  walked the short distance to find the cache.  It was hidden amongst stones and there were plenty of stones!  We were under tree cover so the GPS was a little jumpy. Overall it didn’t take long to find the cache and it was a good sized cache which contained lots of swag.


We signed the log book and walked back down the steep hill and drove into Bath for the all important tea and cake!


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  1. hg137 says:

    Well done on the 500-cache milestone!

  2. Congratulations! 500 is a great milestone.
    Monty and Chicken 🐾

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