An update

I stopped blogging after my dog died in April, I was very upset and just didn’t feel like blogging.   I have continued to go geocaching although it was not the same without my geohound.

The following are the highlights of the past few months caching.

West Wells Wander was a series of 13 caches near the city of Wells, I say was as they have now been archived which is a shame as it was a really good walk.  We did the walk in three stages as I cannot walk long distances, even then one of the walks turned out to be 4 miles which was really a bit too far for me and it took a long time to recover from it.


There were some really good views on the way but also some difficult stiles as the first step  to get on the stiles were so high.

Some of the West Wells Wander caches:

A trip to Tintern with my son and girlfriend was a brilliant day out, we went to the Old Station where they have the most delicious cakes in the cafe.



There are lots of walks from the area, we chose to walk to the village of Brockweir finding 3 caches along the route.

Wells Cathedral is a puzzle cache,  to find the final co-ordinates two other churches in Mid-Somerset have to be visited to get the clues for the numbers.  This I had done over several weeks, I chose to go to Wells to find the cache in the evening as Wells can be a very busy place during the day.  A really good hide and easily found.



 I went back to Bristol for an event and some more urban caching.  This time I went by bus so I didn’t have to worry about parking and my son cycled there. After the event my son and I walked to St Mary Redcliffe, a very good multi-cache which involves getting clues from inside and outside the church. The church is well worth a visit anyway, as I was brought up in Bristol I am rather fond of the church anyway.

After St Mary Redcliffe was a very clever cache and one of the best my son and I have found, St Mary Redcliffe view  I cannot say much about it without giving it away, here is a photo of my son’s cycle with the cache in view!!

CycleSadly this cycle has since been stolen (even though it was chained up).  If you ever visit I recommend doing these two caches.

Some of the trackables I have moved on over the past few months:

There were more caches but these were my favourites.


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