Back to the Tunnels

I found this post in my drafts from April so I am publishing it anyway.

My son was visiting and as it was a lovely sunny day we decided to go for a walk in local woodlands.  As he had not found the geocache in the old Somerset and Dorset railway tunnel we decided to go back there. You can read my post about my previous trip here:  Also there were a few more caches that we hadn’t found in the area.

I enjoy walking along the old railway trackbed as it is always flat, it is a very pretty area and what is strange is so few people walk there (or maybe they just walk at different times to me), I haven’t ever met anyone in the area.

My son had no problem finding the geocache in the tunnel, he left a trackable he had picked up in Bristol as its mission was to travel around Somerset.   We walked along to Ham Wood Viaduct finding Windsor Hill – Through the Tunnel on the way.  When we got to the viaduct we marvelled at how it must have been built as it is very tall – no machines in those days.







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