Obstacles along the way

Our next January outing was on a cold frosty day (we have had very few frosty days this year), we decided to to find a series called Brue Valley ring.  Firstly we stopped in Bruton to find the multi cache at Bruton Methodist church, last time I was here I had taken photos for the clues and worked out the co-ordinates at home,  I parked the car, looked at the GPS and I was right next to GZ so a very quick find.

We then drove to the beginning of Brue Valley ring and found the first cache which was frozen! A nice big container with lots of room for trackables.

Brue Valley 1

The route then went off the main road to a little used country road and that is where we met the ice, we decided not to continue as we didn’t know the road and it seemed a bit risky to continue.

Ice 1

We will be back to continue this series.

The next week we tackled 3 more of the Zider Zeries, a nice easy walk we thought.  How wrong can you be!! The road started going down and when we got to the bottom there was the steepest hill I have ever seen on a road, I would not like to drive up it!  It was hard going and it got the heart pumping so it must have been good for us.

Very steep!

Very steep!

When we reached the top of the hill we found the next cache then just along the road we came to a halt as the road was flooded.


There was a track though the wooded area beside the road which we took to avoid getting wet feet, a short walk to the next cache with lovely views across the countryside.


This was actually the start of the series but we were doing it backwards.  We now have 6 of the 20 in the series so will be back to continue.


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